Doctoral Dissertation


November 17, 2021:  Update
    So perhaps the first question is why there was approximately an eight-year gap within this online journal.  Well, it would be a gross understatement to say that a lot has happened.  

     My Old English Sheepdog, Gareth, died in March of 2014 (I’m not certain I’ve ever recovered from that loss) and late in 2014 I was dumped out of my first doctoral program, because they were unable to find a professor willing to work with my autism (in spite of having created five papers that were each one hundred pages in length and graded as 4.0 with no requests for revision).  Thereafter, I lost my home in the northwest part of the Denver-metro area, due to an inability to continue paying the mortgage.  I thought perhaps I could survive by purchasing a house in need of extensive repair for a low price, but the only desirable possibilities I could find were in the far northeastern part of the United States.  The realtors of course told me whatever they thought I wanted to hear and were conspicuously absent when I later encountered astonishing hostility, because I had not grown up there.  One attempt was located in extreme upstate New York; another in northern New Hampshire.  The answer I now receive is that I was being introduced to those two buildings in order to incorporate them into a second manifestation of my 501(c)3 religious non-profit organization, God Space Sanctuary, a genuinely interfaith spiritual retreat center, which is described as “nurturing the relationship between the human and the Divine, without dogma or discrimination.”  That manifestation, however, is still pending.  

     Regardless, the years since losing my sense of home have been absolutely the worst years of my life, yet I persist in having faith that all things will ultimately be made right.

     Conversely, some good news is that another university offered a degree-completion program which is likely to be completed within the next two to four weeks, rendering me ever afterward, Dr. Denver NeVaar (or Denver NeVaar, PhD, whichever pronunciation one prefers).  Additionally, the years in between then and now have also included the creation of The Tarot of Sister Who, episodes of “Sister Who Presents...” that now number up to 524, and hiking in complete ritual garb and face-paint to the summit of Mount Columbia (my sixteenth summit above 14,000’ in Colorado, while dressed in ritual garb and face-paint).  I am also working on a completely new instrument that combines the neck of a guitar with the body of a cello, after which a fifth album of original songs is planned.  I have also had a pitbull service dog, Bedivere, since shortly before Gareth died, who has traveled thousands of miles with me by motorcycle, but who is aging.  The expectation is that he will be succeeded by an Old English Sheepdog service dog named Dunstan, who may remind me of Gareth in various ways.  I sincerely hope he enjoys riding with me on my motorcycle, as Bedivere has.  

     Yet even with all of that, life is far from easy and I am still desperately longing for forms of home, family, and community.  It is only the ongoing reality of spiritual vocation and service that keep me going--trying to make the world a better place in any way I can.