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About Education:     Diploma, May 1981; Monroe High School, Monroe, Wisconsin     First year student, 1981-1982; American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York, New York     Diploma, May 1984; Christ Unlimited Bible Institute/Kansas City Youth for Christ, Shawnee Mission, Kansas     BA Humanities, May 1988; Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa     Master of Theological Studies, June 2007; Iliff School of Theology, Denver, Colorado    
Awards:     R. Allene Sather award: demonstrating interest and ability in innovative worship; Iliff School of Theology, June 2006.     Silver medal in bodybuilding/physique; World OutGames, August 2006, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Published works:     "Troll Steps," a complex allegory of a quest for positive self-identity, Oct. 2000.     "Sister Who's Perspective," a monthly newsletter launched in January of 1998 (ongoing).  Media Accomplishments Public access television producer:  “Sister Who Presents”, 1992-present, 470 episodes and continuing “Jeffrey”, Orion Pictures, 1995; a few seconds within the gay pride festival sequence Recorded albums of original songs “My Soul Knows its Face”  (2005) “Prayers”  (2007) “Along the Way”  (2010) “Stones and Seeds”  (2014) Other Internet Websites with which I am Directly Involved:     www.SisterWho.com     www.GodSpaceSanctuary.org     www.SpiritusErosqueIntertexti.org     International Travels:     Vancouver, BC, Canada; August 1990; Gay Games III participation.     Paris, France; June 1991; collaboration with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.     Munich and Berlin, Germany; October 1996; personal.     Amsterdam, Netherlands; August 1998; Gay Games V participation.     Sydney, Australia; November 2002; Gay Games VI participation.     Montreal, Canada; August 2006; World OutGames participation.     Cologne, Germany; August 2010; Gay Games VIII participation.     Antwerp, Belgium; August 2013; World OutGames participation. Personal Details:     Currently single; my only immediate family members are my three dogs, all named after     Knights of the Round Table:  Gawain, Percival, and Bedivere (who is also my autism service dog).     I have been estranged from my biological family for over thirty years, out of respect for their     preference to include no openly gay person in their lives.