Thoughtful Dialogue

     I would prefer that this page be an interactive dialogue, but all my searching for affordable and effective blog software has unfortunately produced no positive results.  Consequently, I decided to offer comments on various subjects and invite others to submit responses by email (, which could then be added to this page, including as much or as little identifying information as the contributor wishes.  Obviously, as entries increase, this page will evolve into a sort of index page to the various ongoing conversations, referenced by the general topic or focus of the particular discussion.  Specifically because learning and living are ongoing, every such dialogue will be an ongoing dialogue with no one ever having the last word, at least for as long as I'm alive and the necessary technology remains available.  Within the ongoing process of learning about life and all of the experiences it includes, I persist in my belief that our greatest resource is frequently each other.  Please join in, adding whatever new  topics or perspectives are interesting to you, because you may be wiser and have more to contribute than you are aware that you do–and humanity will be impoverished to varying degrees if you don't.  Blessings, love, and peace, now and always.  – D.N.

November 10, 2012:  Thoughts on Being an Anomaly

    It seems I've never been able to fit into whatever social setting surrounded me.  Oh, yes, I adapted in various ways and was mostly able to get by, but I continue to find an inordinate amount of resonance with Marilyn Monroe's statement that "I guess I belong to the world, because I've never really belonged to anyone or anything else."  In many ways, I have experienced this as a disability, but I have also found within this, numerous possibilities for seeing what  most others overlook–so much so that I have sometimes wondered whether a primary task of life is learning how to see all that there is to see.  A similar and frequent conclusion of mine is that life is primarily concerned with the growth of the soul, such that what is truly important is not which race, gender, orientation, or definition we each have, but rather what we learn from having it and the kind of person we each ultimately demonstrate ourselves to be.

     My point in sharing these thoughts, however, is not to invite others' sympathy, but rather to encourage possibilities of , of inter-relationship, and perhaps of even becoming family to one another.  We live within transitional and challenging times, but I continue to believe that we really will get through every challenge that arises, if we work together in harmony–living as if we truly believe that every person truly matters.  May one and all and everything, blessed and loved ever be.  – D.N.