Doctoral Dissertation



    For whatever reasons, it has always been very important to me to find meaning within each moment of life, as well as within the peculiar twists and turns that life takes--sometimes blessing my wishes and preferences, but more often defying them and compelling me to follow a different path. One thing that seems to persist is that whereas I observe most people around me to be quite secretive about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, I have always erred on the side of being a little too open; perhaps a little too honest. Even when I tried to be otherwise, it never seemed to work, so I finally accepted that perhaps my life purpose is somehow inextricably intertwined with living life large and out on stage, so to speak. Perhaps doing so serves some higher purpose within the lives of others, of which I am more often unaware.

     In any case, I am aware that people bring all sorts of things to the conversations I have with them: curiosity, judgmental attitudes, and everything in between. For whatever help it may be, even if it is simply helpful to the maintenance of my own personal integrity, here are some thoughts, some reflections, some beliefs, and some opinions, as I continue to live my life with all of the honesty and integrity I can muster.

     Ask whatever you wish, but be certain that you want a deep and honest answer--because that is the only kind I will ever provide. I would prefer that this page be an interactive dialogue, but all my searching for affordable and effective blog software has unfortunately produced no positive or affordable results. Consequently, I’ve decided to offer comments on various subjects and invite others to submit responses by email (dn@DenverNeVaar.info), which could then be added to these pages, including as much or as little identifying information as the contributor wishes.

     I suppose in a way it will become a sort of online non-private diary of at least part of myself and my relationships. Hopefully there will be wisdom and truth within all of it somewhere. Obviously, as entries increase, this page will evolve into a sort of index page to the various ongoing conversations.  Since learning and living are ongoing, every such dialogue will be an ongoing dialogue with no one ever having the last word, at least for as long as I'm alive and the necessary technology remains available.

    Within the ongoing process of learning about life and all of the experiences it includes, I persist in my belief that our greatest resource is frequently each other. Please join in, adding whatever new topics or perspectives are interesting to you, because you may be wiser and have more to contribute than you are aware that you do–and humanity will be impoverished to varying degrees if you don't.  If no one has previously done so, perhaps now is your opportunity to be the first one.  

     Blessings, love, and peace, now and always. – D.N.